Analog Based Digital Display Panel
A) End Drive Balancing Machine.
B) Belt Drive Balancing Machine.
C) Vertical Balancing Machine.
We supply Microcontroller Based, LCD Based, PC Based, Computerised Electronic Panel For new, conversion, retrofitting, reconditioning, repairing of any type, any manufacturer made Dynamic Balancing Machines; which is available in Kolhapur, Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, UP, Delhi, Tamilnadu, India;
Specification of Microcontroller Based Digital Black Box with PC Interface
  • In Analog Based Digital Display Panel, rotor data are fed by counting dials.
  • This panel has separate display for grams and angle for unbalance.
  • This panel doesn’t store rotor data.
  • To calculate grams we provide range selector switch.
  • This panel doesn’t support any type of printer.
  • It works only for single / two / three selected speed.
  • We provide RPM meter as per customer’s requirement.
  • As per customer’s requirement we provide Angle Identification Meter for Belt Drive Dynamic Balancing Machine.
  • This panel can be suitable for any balancing machine manufacturer of mechanical.
  • Analog Based Digital Display Panel can use for any type of Dynamic Balancing Machines and any capacity of machines as well as any manufacturer in world.