1. Retrofitting, Reconditioning, Repairing, Conversion of Dynamic Balancing Machines which are new, old and any type, any made (Manufacturer) in India.
  2. For this above work, we supply Analog, Microcontroller, LCD, PC Interface, Computerised, Black Box; Electronic Panel for Balancing Machines.
  3. Balancing Machine Job Work.
  4. PC Based and Electronic conversion of Balancing Machines.
  5. Microprocessor and Microcontroller Based Panel for Balancing Machines.
  6. Repairing of old and new panel for Dynamic Balancing Machines.
  7. Electronic Software Developer (Embedded Systems) for automation.
  8. We provide embedded hardware and software as per customer’s requirement.
  9. We develop custom built embedded software using Atmel, Microchip, ARM as per customer’s requirement.
  10. We provide PCB design as per customer’s requirement.